1. Republican voters are rallying around him like never before. The extent of Trump’s victory over the other Republican Primary rivals speaks volume about the support he has consolidated amongst the Republican voters. Any seasoned politician in the World will always underscore the importance of enthusing your voters – which ensures that they will surely turn up to vote on election day.


  1. Donald Trump has his hand on the pulse of voters, which is in turn helping him improve his performance in polls. Hillary Clinton is facing a formidable opponent who has no previous experience in fighting elections as compared to her, who has been in politics for a long time and is now dubbed as an establishment candidate. The only reason for this could be that his policies & views are resonating with the voters at large.


  1. He is being hounded by the media. Trump is being hounded by the media, a treatment not too different from the one that Senator Bernie Sanders faced. Voters started questioning the veracity of media outlets long ago & today it is at a stage where they don’t trust them. Voters are unable to understand why Hillary Clinton does not get hauled over the coals inspite of all the lies and the scandals. A lot of the news that people follow is based on the posts/ tweets of individual unaffiliated bloggers and contributors who visit press conferences & events.


  1. Trump is not relying on PACs and corporate for campaign finance. This is a major reason for him to be dear to a lot of people as he is not dependent on corporate for his campaign funding and cannot be influenced by other corporates. He is now asking voters to contribute to his campaign in order to raise money for the remainder of his campaign. Hillary Clinton is relying on secret PACs which are fronts for unlimited corporate donations to her campaign.


  1. Trump does not face any legal case in any court of law. Hillary Clinton’s troubles with the law are all well known. First people are not convinced as to how the FBI believes that what she did was wrong, careless but not illegal!!!! Now questions are being raised about the donations that she received at the Clinton Foundation.



  1. Hillary Clinton is often accused of bending over backwards for corporate interests and this has been something she has been unable to shake off. She has been accused of profiteering from speeches she gave at investment banks, speeches which were contrary to her stated public position. Trump has never been seen to do this and many big corporate are contributing to the Clinton campaign just to stop Trump.


  1. Everybody loves an underdog. Hillary has been the 1st Lady of Arkansas, 1st Lady of the USA, senator from New York and also the Secretary of State. She is the candidate of the establishment and the person who the entire political spectrum supports. Believe it or not, but Trump is actually the underdog here.


  1. Rigging of the Democratic primaries. Leaked e-mails revealed that a lot of decisions that were taken to favour Hillary Clinton. This has angered a lot of Sanders supporters who felt cheated and are now considering voting for Trump or not voting at all.


  1. Third party candidates like Jill Stein & Gary Johnson are predicted to mop up the angry Bernie Sanders votes. A lot of Sanders supporters who are actually Democrats may vote for Jill Stein, a Green Party candidate who is showing promise in the current polls. She had offered to step down from the election if Senator Sanders wanted to run as the Green Party candidate. A lot of Sanders supporters are seriously considering voting for her. Gary Johnson has been consistently getting about 10% of the national vote & may eat into Mrs Clinton’s votes.


  1. Hardcore Democrats are unsure about voting for Hillary. Everyone feels that with the number of scandals and controversies that she is constantly surrounded with, she is seen to be as a dishonest person who just cannot be trusted. If her own Democrat voters don’t support her, how is she going to convince the other undecided voter or unhappy Republicans to vote for her.